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RackService - Providing Assetto Corsa Servers


Frozen RackService

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RackService - Providing Assetto Corsa Servers

Post by Frozen RackService on Mon May 26, 2014 10:27 pm

Who are we?

RackService , is a Hosting Company which started 2 years ago , with the goal to provide many GameServer options as long as with Voice and Vps services.
We are trying to provide cheap and good quality hosting.
Therefore our servers are located in Germany , and our server network is more than powerfull. 
We have 2 dedicated servers with 64GB ram each one of them. 

What makes us different?

After much time of gameserver and VPS hosting experience, we decided to move on to more games than we had, like Live For Speed, and this time Assetto Corsa and many more...

Since our start, we've been trying to promote the "Racing" side of any racing game. That's why we always give special discounts to Racing Leagues who buy a server at our company. Also to racing communities like this one, where the members of the community may be interested in having their own game server for their Leagues / Practice Sessions

Why are we here?

We want to offer this community our services. In case this community has a positive reaction on this thread, we'll be adding a discount voucher called "radiators" which the members of this community will be able to use to get profit of the discount in any of our game servers.


We've done many tests to ensure everything is working perfectly and stable. The servers can now be ordered at our website

We will also provide Live Chat Support today from 16.00 GMT+2 till 21.30 GMT + 2

We offer now the following Assetto Corsa Packages:

Assetto Corsa Server ( 8 Slots ) for €1.50/ Month
Assetto Corsa Server ( 16 Slots ) for €2.50/ Month
Assetto Corsa Server ( 24 Slots ) for €3.50/ Month
Assetto Corsa Server ( 32 Slots ) for €4.50/ Month
Assetto Corsa Server ( 48 Slots ) for €5.50/ Month ( Note this product is not avaliable for the public. Contact support if you want to order this product. )


As this is a New Game, we understand you have lots of questions about how everything is going to work with our control panel and the servers, therefore we invite you to go to our website and talk with our Support Team in case you have any doubt. We'll be happy to answer all your questions. 

In case the live chat support is not avaliable, feel free to open a Public Support ticket ( No account required ) at our site:

Do you have any doubt or are you unsure about our services? Please post a reply here if you have a question.

~ RackService
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