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    20 Jan 2011: A1-Ring

    M Waechter

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    Post by M Waechter on Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:16 am

    For me it is not a big surprise that lag crashes happen when people close up such close as shown in the second Vanore Video.. , there is not much space left even in real. So try to stay away when possilbe from too close closeups.

    btw., another thing: I used only 1 degree rear wing (and 12 in front) all the time at A1 Ring , so the minimum downforce setting. That's maybe why I was a little bit slow, because I saw another setup of a driver in groupA who used 20 degrees for example, so much more than I did Laughing . Maybe if I had tried such a high downforce setting in practise before, then I would have been aware of that it would have been faster using more wing.. .

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