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    28 Jul 2011: Nurburgring


    Piers Structures

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    Re: 28 Jul 2011: Nurburgring

    Post by Piers Structures on Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:35 am

    I wasn't looking forward to this one. Plenty enough practice but frustration at not being able to break into the 1:34's.

    Qualified 6th then bogged down at the start but at the first turn folks trying to get out of each others way or going wide saw me emerge third behind Mika and Antonio. At the end of the first lap Gek seemed to emerge from the pits and started closing in. I assumed he must have had some first lap incident and was now a lap down but he passed and next time over the line I see I'm down to 4th. Mika has passed Antonio up front but they are both pulling away before Antonio makes some mistake and I'm back in 3rd. I start passing back markers and close in on Marco. He's under blue flags but is obviously not going to just pull over and kill his lap time just to let me past - he's doing a fair pace so that seems reasonable. Down the back straight I close in which is when he decides to slow up and let me past, I clout the back of his car and we both take severe damage. I obviously should have expected him to slow at some point so a big part of it is my fault. For anyone being passed though, before you do slow down, check your mirrors and if the car is sitting directly behind you - perhaps slow down very slowly.

    I don't manage to make it into my pit area - can't steer enough, so have to esc. I change tyres and try and quickly estimate how much fuel I'll need to finish the race - about ~95 litres at that point. I emerge a fortunate 5th, lucky not to be right at the back, and drive the rest of the race with few enough errors to see me retain 5th.

    A tough race on a tough track. See you all in Budapest.
    davide zardin

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    Re: 28 Jul 2011: Nurburgring

    Post by davide zardin on Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:18 am

    la gara è stata molto dura dal punto di vista fisico, il mio set up non mi permetteva di competere con i primi e lo testimoniano -3 laps della fine. partenza prudente in mezzo al gruppone, brivido alla cicane veloce per Canseco che si gira, lotta serrata per 3-4 giri con Waechter, in tutto questo non sapendo cosa era successo davanti da 12° in griglia giro 6° poi un errore al 13° giro mi costringe ad andare ai box per riparare la macchina e per cambiare la strategia di gara esco che sono 9° e li rimango fino alla fine.

    ci vediamo a budapest...

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    Re: 28 Jul 2011: Nurburgring

    Post by MikaRaymond on Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:15 pm

    this was quite a strange event for me. i had to change my driving style here in order to keep the rear tyres alive because i found it very easy to burn them.

    as soon as i got on the server i immediately noticed a lack of grip - whether that was something to do with the track version or me being too agressive im not sure. im absolutely stunned i got pole considering i was 0.4s off my PB and gek was 0.5s off his. perhaps i was pushing too hard as i knew he would put in a blistering time? who knows. i just couldnt get the tyres working.

    i had the same problem as piers - bogged down at the start then hit the limiter a couple times as i was busy trying not to hit people. i lost 2 positions and almost found myself in p4 heading into t1. it was so tight it was unreal Very Happy 3 abreast! i managed to keep out of trouble, was heading into p2 when i saw gek make a slight mistake which put lallo ahead of me going into t3. soon after i managed to pass him round the outside of the hairpin. i was quite suprised at my pace during the race - 1.34's / 35's. i dont know what happened to fulvio and vicenzo but finished 80odd seconds ahead was quite a surpise. hopefully better not luck time to everyone Smile

    see you in a week!
    Maarten Steverink

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    Re: 28 Jul 2011: Nurburgring

    Post by Maarten Steverink on Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:48 pm

    Sorry i missed this one guys! I was ready to go, but my internet connection stopped working. There was a problem here in the neighbourhood, as no one had internet at that time. Anyway, it is fixed now (GREAT timing!)

    Anyway, congrats Mika!

    Vyacheslav Potapenko

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    Re: 28 Jul 2011: Nurburgring

    Post by Vyacheslav Potapenko on Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:16 pm

    For this race I spent a lot of time practicing. Also I had lots of kilometers driven in FVA last winter. The main aspect of the race is stability and avoid mistakes when you go out of the track or even worse when you crashed. I used long lets of 20 laps to train myself for long race running. Also I started to pay attention on driving into boxes during the race so that I do not lose too much time and use optimal speed when going into pits. Those long runs helped me a lot for this race. I didn’t feel that I’m tired and also avoid mistakes, I had just few where I lost couple of seconds. Still I have to improve my race pace as I run 3-4 second slower than my qualy laps.
    My qualification was good related to my current speed. I only managed few times to run when practicing so having in qauli time close to 1.38.0 was very good. I were ahead of all the guys who have speed similar to mine so I was happy. So I started 9 on the grid and this is my best position ever. Of course lots of quick drivers didn’t participate in this race but still.
    For the race I wanted to avoid crashes during first corners so I didn’t behave aggressively even though there were good opportunities to overtake several cars which were struggling at the beginning. I tried to keep some gap to the cars ahead me to save myself in case of crashes there. Unfortunately some cars behind me wanted to go faster and hit my back several times. I had to press esc go to box and fix the car. That moved me to the last place. Not the start I expected to be.. I started to monitor speed of the cars ahead me and figured that I’m running 3-4sec faster couple of them. So now my plan was to keep the good pace and manage to get the cars. I didn’t wanted to finish last. I think Marco Waechter made an earlier pit-stop of had a crash so at the middle of the race he gets behind me. He was a bit faster on the fresh tires and was able to overtake me. I went to my pitstop at lap 22 or 23. When I returned I was last again. I did hope for the mistakes of the drivers ahead me. That was the only chance to catch them. Fortunately Nosal Dmitrij and Marco Waechter pitted again and went behind me. I moved to 10th place. The rest of the race I just keep the car to bring it home safely.


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    Re: 28 Jul 2011: Nurburgring

    Post by f.gek on Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:24 am

    Molti errori e guida poco precisa. una gara non molto buona da parte mia, ma comunque il risultato finale aiuta la mia classifica come pilota e come squadra. Complimenti a Mika per la ottima pole , migliore tempo in gara e ovviamente vittoria finale. Senza la sua assenza di valencia sarebbe sicuramente un campionato ancora piu combattuto, ma comunque ci son ancora due gare e tutto puo succedere.

    Many errors and imprecise guide. not very good race for me, but the end result helps my ranking as a driver and as a team. Kudos to Mika for the excellent pole position, fastest time in the race and obviously win. Without his absence at valencia would certainly be a championship fought even more, however there are still two races and anything can happen.


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    Re: 28 Jul 2011: Nurburgring

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