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    [Bug?] Lotus Exos T125 Stage 1

    P. Taponen

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    [Bug?] Lotus Exos T125 Stage 1 Empty [Bug?] Lotus Exos T125 Stage 1

    Post by P. Taponen Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:28 pm


    I'm not sure, if this is a bug within the app or possibly even the game itself, but my times with this car on Nurburgring GP seem to register my assist-settings wrong by showing I have auto-clutch on and also shows that I 've had TC on, which I've made 100% sure I do not have on (yes, I've pressed ctrl+t to make sure the in-car TC is off, and the electronics-app does claims it's off, no icon). Mainly the TC is the issue, as it prevents me from getting that little 'P'-marker on the boards. Sad

    After first noticing that my time does not qualify for the 'pro'-timing, I even switched to the default Pro-setting preset in-game, as I've only been driving this car for the past few days. I usually have auto-clutch enabled, due to not having the pedal for it. (duh:) I've since improved my time about 5 times, I think, and yet it's still showing the clutch and tc enabled within the rsr-boards.

    I haven't yet verified my game cache, but will do so after the download I've got running is complete. Also haven't tried re-installing the app, but will also do that later. Just wanted to let you know that there may be an issue.

    [Bug?] Lotus Exos T125 Stage 1 Empty Re: [Bug?] Lotus Exos T125 Stage 1

    Post by nachtwache76 Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:04 pm

    I have a similar problem. Normally I drive most of the cars with all aids off except auto clutch (Logitech DFGT, there is no clutch pedal).
    So with auto clutch on my laptimes will count for the pro rank, but if I turn auto clutch off so that all aids are completely off (Lotus 125 will work clutchless),
    it shows my laps flagged with auto clutch "On" and auto throttle blip/cut "On".

    So is this more a game specific problem or inside the RSR app?

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