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    Special Events

    Andrea Lojelo
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    Special Events Empty Special Events

    Post by Andrea Lojelo Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:05 pm

    Special Events are raced organized by Radiator Springs Racing outside of our championships.
    Those races will allow you to collect trophies for the Hall of Fame

    To participate to a Special Event you need to be part of the default Radiators-champ Team under the Special Event League.
    No custom team allowed into the Special Events

    Special Events Reg1x
    Special Events Reg2n

    Don't forget to allocate for the races, and keep it updated. This will allow us to plan the number of server online and to offer a better service.
    Special Events Allocation

    Check here for more details about the registration process

    Remember to create your user on this forum and on our website using your Name Surname

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