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    [how to] make/add car mod to nkp


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    [how to] make/add car mod to nkp Empty [how to] make/add car mod to nkp

    Post by akbar_sal Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:54 pm

    Can someone direct me to the right place. I have seen a few car mod for nkp, when can the public given the opportunity to do the same as RSR did for the Lambo. I ask because it seem to like "hus hus stuff".
    Andrea Lojelo
    Andrea Lojelo

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    [how to] make/add car mod to nkp Empty Re: [how to] make/add car mod to nkp

    Post by Andrea Lojelo Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:11 pm

    I'll suggest you to wait some more months and to do it properly in AC.
    As I said before we will no publish the tools we have built, because are not user friendly, and require too much in depth knowledge of what is going on that would be useless for everyone. Building a good car physics, will require a lot of patience, study a lot, attention to details, crosschecks, good data...
    It's easy to add few more HP to a car, or add a more grip or new wings, not that easy to model a new suspension and to make it working as the real counterpart.

    If you want to work on physics, there is a lot that will keep you busy for a while, just looking for data and understanding how a suspension, aerodynamics...works, before you can actually work on it.
    At that time AC will be out, I guess. Better to do it properly with good tools.

    Just to give you an idea, it took us 8 months to get the Gallardo to the current stage, and we've been lucky to find good data for almost everything we needed.

    Good luck.

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