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    Host your tracks on netKar Central

    Martin Hussey

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    Host your tracks on netKar Central Empty Host your tracks on netKar Central

    Post by Martin Hussey Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:32 pm

    If you have a track that you've built or converted, we would like to host it on our community tracks page.

    However, we have a few conditions for this to keep things neat and tidy until the sites full functionality is completed.

    1) At the moment we can only accept finished tracks. We dont yet have the ability to be adding patches and stuff to the track, it would be asking for trouble to allow for them.
    2) If your track is fictional, a bit of text on the track to describe it. For all tracks, some specs would be great. Things such as track length, number of turns, configurations etc.
    3) Tracks need to be either compressed into .zip, .rar or executable self extractors.

    If you want your track hosted, PM me or email me at martin@netkarcentral.com with a download link for the track and track details.


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