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    02 Feb 2012: Mugello

    Peter Nickells

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    02 Feb 2012: Mugello - Page 2 Empty Re: 02 Feb 2012: Mugello

    Post by Peter Nickells Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:32 pm

    Martin Hussey wrote:
    Peter Nickells wrote:
    Martin Hussey wrote:Well done to the winners of Group B!

    And thanks a lot to the careless drivers who took me out. Cost me two pits to repair.

    I think I was one of them. Sorry for spoiling your race. I'm not sure what happened but after I went off I found my wheel was stuck at 90 degrees and I was back on the track.

    Was that the bump on the last corner? To be honest that may have been lag. A couple of us were getting constant connection quality warnings, dropping as low as 75% at one point. I think the server was having issues with running two busy races on that particular track.

    I was more frustrated at overtaking somebody who immediately rammed their front wing up my arse on the next corner. Or the driver who ran wide off track in front of me and immediately pulled back in.

    Did group A get any connection issues?

    No, somewhere near turn 3 or 4, I was on the track but nearly stalled, I think, but hadn't quite realised my steering had gone. Sorry again Crying or Very sad
    Martin Hussey

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    02 Feb 2012: Mugello - Page 2 Empty Re: 02 Feb 2012: Mugello

    Post by Martin Hussey Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:34 pm

    I dont think that was me, then. Unless i'm having issues with my memory Very Happy

    We'll just blame it on lag Wink

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