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    Real Driving Experience - Ferrari F430 Challenge

    Fabio Grippa
    Fabio Grippa

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    Real Driving Experience - Ferrari F430 Challenge Empty Real Driving Experience - Ferrari F430 Challenge

    Post by Fabio Grippa Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:07 am

    Dear Friends,
    first of all I'm sorry if it is since a while I'm not seeing you in Assetto Corsa, I'm a bit busy at the moment and I've just a little time to join some sessions...then when this happens I always see new people...I'm missing racing with all of you...I hope to join the next special events, waiting for the new championship which will give us the chance to race again together...

    Last Friday I attended a "half-day" pilot course on the Varano de Melegari Circuit with the F430 Challenge car (racing version, with wings, roll-bar, slick tires,...).
    I posted a video on youtube which I'm proud to share with you, as always :-)...


    Unfortunately I had only two sessions of 3 laps each, plus three laps with a professional pilot on the left seat. This is not enough to get to an acceptable speed around the track, but the feeling was simply amazing....the car is so powerful that most of the people were not able to push the gas pedal to 100%...I did it every time instead :-), but the pilot was very conservative in giving me the breaking points and so on. The video anyway doesn't give a feeling of the sense of speed (I reached almost 200km/h after the straight, and I started breaking at 200meters, which is anyway quite impressive when you are driving!).

    The car is so sensible to the load transfer...if you enter in a turn with the gas pedal a bit pushed you get a huge understeer, then as soon as you release the gas pedal the car close the turn very sharply...very impressive

    My best time out of 6 was 1.35 (still very slow), I was at 1.36 with the KTM X-BOW on a partially wet track, but in this case there were no pilot "braking me"....

    I hope to get a chance to have a longer session the next time!

    See you in AC soon

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