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    Real Driving Experiences in Northern / central Italy?

    Jarkko Sihvola

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    Real Driving Experiences in Northern / central Italy? Empty Real Driving Experiences in Northern / central Italy?

    Post by Jarkko Sihvola Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:54 pm

    Hi all,

    I haven't been racing in nKP / RSR for some time now. During the last months AC was launched and it got me interested about sim racing and real driving experiences more actively again. This summer I'm planning to do a trip to Italia, the lakes area, Milano, Firenze, Rimini, Venezia and some other areas. Since there is lot of race tracks located in these areas I would love to experience some real race track laps (besides driving karting). I've been googling a lot, but most of the companies seem to offer; driving a couple laps with Ferrari or Lamborghini with high cost and you have to have min. 10 friends with you coming to do the same thing. What I'm trying to find is a) more laps (for example 2 x 10 laps) with cheaper price, car does not have to be a Super car or even a sport car and track doesn't have to be famous, there does not have to be champagne, diplomas etc. Does anyone know any companies that would arrange this kind of experiences? b) Second option that I might be interested about, would be to do some laps with some smaller Formula, like FR2.0, FR1.6 or some slower one? For the b option I would be ready to pay more than for option a.

    So far for option b I have found for example the following, but the price is too high for me:



    One of the problems is that most of the websites are on Italian only and/or the English translations are not good. Second problem is that I'm not too familiar with the track driving and in that sense not capable to join the driving by going to limits and in that sense there is no point to pay high costs for "not been able to drive in the limit". Of course if there is a company that does not charge for wrecking the car, then this is not a problem.

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