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    Things to improve.

    Raúl Expósito
    Raúl Expósito

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    Things to improve. Empty Things to improve.

    Post by Raúl Expósito Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:15 am

    For me this is the best simulator I've tried, but has flaws that should fix in order to compete with other more developed simulators.


    1º In the repetitions do not leave damaged cars from the start.

    2 º Do not play Shadow of the pieces that are no longer in the car. (Spoilers)

    3 º The new wheels are flat and see the older ones.

    4 º Fix Prato speed limiter is activated too late. (Do not know if it is a mistake)

    Improvements, although it is very difficult to do ... but this would greatly improve the game.

    * Damage over achieved, the parts are on the track and the other pilots may collide. (Style GTR2) but is not dented cars

    * Flats on wheels.

    * Live For Speed Racing style, finish options and begin qualification race. (Is very tired, having to wait 30 minutes after playing a qualification for a career in 10minutes)

    * Vote to kick out the crashers. (Although it is the only game that I have not found crashers)

    * Translation of the game all major languages. It is shameful that the game is translated into Portuguese and not Spanish. (Spanish, second most important language in the world)

    * Chat with the ability to play more characters. (Many more, and containing the letter "Ñ", so important in Spain.)

    * Details of the car (condition of the wheels, clutch state, state suspensions) to be more real, you just know when to pit.

    less important

    - Animation foot braking, the throttle and clutch.
    - Animation of the hands to change gears.
    - Fire in the exhaust pipe.
    Propose improvements and put your errors found. Propose improvements and put your errors found. [color:725d=#000]Could help solve and improve the game
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